Meeting Schedule

Stillwaters offers regularly scheduled meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Codependents Anonymous,  Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and other afflictions.

Stillwaters serves the entire Northwestern Suburban area with most of its membership coming from Algonquin, Cary, Fox River Grove, Island Lake, Lake Zurich, Schaumburg, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Algonquin, McHenry, Woodstock, Barrington Area and more…

See all our 12 Step meetings and special events below.

Sunday6:00 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItTodd P./Gary P
Sunday8:00 AMAAClosedSunday Serenity GroupHelen M.
Sunday10:00 AMAAClosed24 Hrs. A DaySteve C.
Sunday5:30 PMACAClosedAdult ChildrenMary Jo
Sunday7:00 PMAAClosedStop the Chaos: Relapse PreventionChris P.
Monday6:45 AMAAClosedTodd P.
Monday8:00 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees It
Monday9:30 AMAAClosed - Women OnlyBig BookDana M.
Monday12:00 PMAAClosedGene L.
Monday5:30 PMAAClosed24 Hrs. A DayLance G.
Monday7:00 PMAABeginners1,2,3, Sober (Beginner’s Meeting)Bob S.
Monday8:30 PMAAClosed24 Hrs. A DayMike P.
Monday8:30 PMAAClosedYoung People’s MeetingSeth L.
Tuesday5:15 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItSteve G.
Tuesday6:45 AMAAClosedTodd P.
Tuesday8:00 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItDarla M.
Tuesday9:30 AMAAClosed - Women Only
Tuesday12:00 PMAAClosedStep MeetingGene L.
Tuesday5:30 PMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItEd G.
Tuesday7:00 PMAAClosed - Women OnlySober Sisters 12&12 Book StudyStephanie S.
Tuesday7:00 PMCODAClosedMeetingVickie L.
Tuesday8:30 PMAAClosedDaily ReflectionsAlan S.
Wednesday6:45 AMAAClosedTodd P.
Wednesday8:00 AMAAClosedBig BookAlan S.
Wednesday9:30 AMAAClosed - Women Only12 & 12Dana M.
Wednesday12:00 PMAAClosedBig BookSue S.
Wednesday5:30 PMAAClosedStep MeetingScott
Wednesday7:00 PMOAOpen12 & 12Dee G.
Wednesday7:00 PMAAClosedBikers in Recovery IITim L.
Wednesday7:00 PMSAASAAConnor
Wednesday8:30 PMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItEric G.
Thursday6:45 AMAAClosedTodd P.
Thursday8:00 AMAAClosedBig BookDonna F.
Thursday12:00 PMAAClosed12 & 12Gene L.
Thursday5:30 PMAAClosedStep MeetingChris P.
Thursday7:00 PMAAClosed - Women OnlySober Sisters Big Book StudyStephanie
Thursday8:30 PMAAClosed24 Hrs. A DayAlan S
Friday6:45 AMAAClosedTodd P.
Friday8:00 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItJohn S.
Friday9:30 AMAAClosed - Women OnlyWomen’s WayDana M.
Friday12:00 PMAAClosed24 Hrs. A DayGene L.
Friday5:30 PMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItLance G.
Friday7:00 PMAAClosedBig Book StudyBob S.
Friday8:30 PMAAClosedDaily ReflectionsChris N.
Saturday6:00 AMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItHoward
Saturday8:00 AMAAClosed - Women OnlySisters in SobrietyThea J.
Saturday5:00 PMAAClosedAs Bill Sees ItLance G./Todd P.
Saturday8:00 PMAAOpenSpeaker MeetingDoug B.